Clone a WinCE 6 device to an identical device


First attempt with WinCE here.  I have 2 identical industrial panel PC's
that are running WinCE 6.  One unit is running perfect but I really messed
up the 2nd one when I accidentally deleted an init registry entry "Launch60
"servicesStart.exe" when I was adding in an auto start application to the
registry for my HMI application. The first unit registry mod went very
smooth and still works perfectly but I was working on the registry for the
2nd unit using a little stylus on this small 7" touch screen and didnt
realize I deleted the servicesStart until it was too late.

Now the splash screen appears and thats it!

I have Visual Studio 2008 pro but neither of these units have ActiveSync
installed so I cannot connect to either one through VS.  I used a little
registry editor program to edit the registry right on the panel (which
worked perfectly).

Can someone tell me if its possible to clone the working device to this
messed up one? or possibly another way to get back into the registry to fix
my screw up?

Any help or advice is appreciated...