NanoPi 2 Touchscreen

Marc P.
Does this touchscreen work with the NanoPi 2 out of the box? (display and

I would like to remove the housing and make my custom smaller for my DIY
project. The official one have a really big housing built-in, this one is a
bit less. What should I lookout for while doing so as display is not cheap?

I can use one of the bare HDMI touchscreen but it would be waste of a good
port and I don't want to (if I can).


I use a S700 7" capacitive touchscreen on my NanoPi2.  There is another
number that I can see beside the connector 5510LJ.  I don't recognise that

Marc P.
So you are saying that there is a high chance that it would not work?

I am a mechanics so I am not very good at electronics.

No,  I am saying have you got any other numbers on it or can you find out
if the S700 is an equivalent part.

If it has the number 5510LJ beside the connector or if it is equivalent
(have the same LCD interface driver) then it should work.

You could contact the seller, they should know.