nanopi H43 lcd troubleshoot white screen

Hey Anyone,
I am trying to get the H43 lcd going with the nanopi

I've followed the instructions here:

The lcd backlight comes on but there is nothing on the screen.

. /usr/bin/setqt4env

The touch is responding.  Nothing on the screen.

I added lcd=H43 to the bootargs.  

I see when I run dmesg
mini2440 H43 Selected, so the bootargs are being seen.

Not sure if it matters but the Lcd is LCD-H43i-1134

If you connect your NanoPi to a PC host via a mini USB cable its power may
not be enough and you will need to connect an additional 5V 2A power to the
board's GPIO's VDD_5V and DGND;

Thanks for the reply.

I am powering the board via the the mini usb but it is not plugged into my
computer but instead I plug it into an ac adapter that is rated to 2.1A. 
It is a rapid charger.

So power is not the issue.  I also hooked up a power supply 5v and ground. 
This changed nothing.

I know the lcd itself is good.  I hooked it up to my friendly arm mini210s
and it came up without any problem.

Any troubleshooting tips for this would be appreciated.

I am having the same problem using NanoPi 2 Fire and H43 (LCD-H43 V1.2
1608). I'm booting the standard debian image for HDMI/LCD output but don't
see any output on the LCD other than all white. U-Boot shows "LCD  = N/A
(14)" when I connect the LCD and "LCD  = N/A (-1)" when I disconnect it, so
I think the connection is fine. Also the board is powered from supply rated
5V @ 2.1A.

Were you able to solve your problem? What did you do?