nanopi usb ethernet


I have had the nano for a while and have yet been unable to get up an
running via the quick start guide.

I had trouble with getting the image flashed via fusing but that seems to
be working.

I can see the friendly arm connect via usb but it then resets before a
connection is fully established.

So I have not been able to ssh into the device.

Any clues on why this could be resetting?

I really want to get this thing up and running.
I will likely buy the nano 2 if this works but not sure if I can't get his
up I may look elsewhere.

Please help, ask me any questions that would help you in troubleshooting my

Yay!  I finally got this thing working.

It was my own fault.  I kept trying to modify the because it
seemed to be failing to recognize my sd at /dev/sdb1.  I modified the check
to get it to run and it did, but...

I thought the fusing had been successful but had not installed the linux
image.  I had only got the boot installed.  I was only modifying the check
for fusing in the but the same check is run in the other sh

In the end I went back to the original unmodified and realized my
error was in running from command.

My sd was /dev/sdb1 so I ran ./fusing /dev/sdb1 and this failed every time
with the error "SD reader Unsupported"

Such a simple change but it worked to run ./fusing /dev/sdb

My question is what if I have multiple /dev/sdb? For example /dev/sdb1 and
Is it just the first on that gets chosen?

Also, seems the fusing is setup to accept /dev/sda
Seems risky, why would this be required?

I was able to setup an sd card and ssh into the nanopi from Ubuntu 16.04
running in Virtual Box on a Mac.

This is nice because you don't need a devoted or dual boot linux setup and
no worries about any mistakes made.

Anyway, I am excited to finally try it!!

I have a host computer with ubuntu 16.04. 

I  have booted the nano pi neo AIR board with ubuntu Qt using

Now I want to connect it with my computer and do further processing.

 I have done this through ONECOM board. Then I went to the terminal and
executed the command dmesg.

But the USB port cannot find Firendly ARM component but only a pl2303
serial converter.

Could you please help me to solve this program.

where is pl2303 prolific driver? i use nano pi 2fire and download linux
headers from


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