NanoPi-M1 GPIO help

i want to use gpio to control relay
i can't find document for nanpPi-M1
which pin which number to use!?

    You can reference these rink to use GPIO of

thanks jjm

but in

can't find souurce code for M1

Peter Scargill
We really do need simple libraries to use the GPIO - everyone including
friendlyArm claim "Raspberry Pi compatible GPIO" or similar. The only thing
that is compatible is the connector - on the Pi it is TRIVIAL to do I2C and
simply port control - without having to be ROOT or use awkward commands or
compile code on a PC... we need something similar for the FriendlyArm
boards so that for example on the command line in Debian you could type...

pigs w 22 1

That is a typical PIGPIO command on Raspberry Pio - write to GPIO22 value 1
-   it really does need to be that easy.

Anyone tackled this?

Peter Scargill
I've had some luck with the GPIO using info from Orange Pi One. See here.

Can't get the one PWM pin to do anything though.

How do I use pwm using sysfs?