Nano Pi 2 won't boot and overheat


My Nano Pi 2 won't boot. 
It only shows FriendlyARM... and it restarts over and over
And now it overheats every time it's plugged into power source

Anyone have same issue or solution for this condition?

Search their new forum.

You need the latest Debian Jessie image, if that is what you are using,
with a <rootwait> in bootargs.

Overheats ... do you mean if you leave it continuously rebooting then it
eventually overheats.

Sort out the reboot problem first,

I've tried debian, ubuntu, android from friendly arm wiki:

even if the sd card is not plugged in, it still overheats

Well you really need to get a terminal program (minicom) and a PSU-ONECOM
so you can look at the bootup messages.

I understand you to say that you have downloaded the latest Debian Jessie
image with rootwait added to bootargs.

By overheating, can you hold your finger on the CPU or is it too hot to do

not the CPU, but the parts close to the microusb port, it's too hot to hold
I don't think I can get psu-onecom anytime soon
so do you think it's a hardware problem
and should I return the product and get a replacement/refund?

Ah, not the CPU.  I had a NanoPi die recently and one of the regulator
chips was the part that got really hot.

The schematics are available for download as well as the top and bottom
component location .pdf files.

I doesn't take long to identify which supply voltage has changed or
disappeared, if you have any sort of multimeter.

Agreed ... it sounds like a H/W problem.  Try contacting FATechSupport on
the new website.

Good luck.

Just curious ... how are you powering the NanoPi2 without a PSU-ONECOM

via micro usb 
ok thank's for your help 
I'll try to figure out which part has voltage problem and contact their