mini2440test source code compiling

I'm greatly impressed by the mini2440. I'm looking forward to buying one
arround next week. 

So far I've been looking at the source code on this page. A friend already
has a mini2440 and we were playing with the mini2440test image. Its
astonishing fast and I love it. But the source code supplies a CodeWarrior
project file. Is there a problem compiling this code using gcc? Has anyone
tried that yet? Thanks for your advices :)

I've just looked arround and see that there is no real chance of compiling
this without ADS1.2 :(. Very sad.

Not sad that there actually IS a way to get it working, I just dont know
enough about the whole architecture yet. We simply have to get it to link
the application to the right entry point so the 2440 can boot it. That is
done by an ASM bootstrap. Anyone with me :)?

Hi Guy's
has any one found a way to compile the tests and bootloading using gcc ?
some more questions
1. where can I get an evaluation of ADSv1.2 OR better yet codeWarrior for
ARM Developer suite v1.2

2. does it work with any other IDE\Dev Suite ?


Hey looks like you're stuck there too. Well I was able to acquire a copy of
ADS1.2 and had luck compiling the 2440test with it. Wasnt able to compile
with anything else yet. The problem is NOT the C code basically but the ASM
code! I think you have to port that to get it working :(

Hi Jazz, Thanks for the fast replay
good to know I"m not alone :)
can you please give me a site for downloading ADS 1.2 

do u know how I can  get an Evaluation version ?

I downloaded ADS1.2 from here

Damian Eppel

By the way, did someone found some (even primitive but working) project
example(with startup.s, makefile) for s3c2440 that can be compiled using



Hello Damian Eppel,

Actully I am also working on ADS1.2 and I have developed apllication on
ADS1.2 which works fine in RAM but same thing when downloaded into NAND my
application hangs up in middle itself. Do you have any solution to this...



Dear Phil,

Thanks lot
 I have gone through 2440init.s file not getting where to modify in order
to make my application to work successfully. If you have any idea plz. help

Just want to say thanks for the link to ADS 1.2 - downloading now. Was
pulling my hair out looking for it!!

Here is the ADS 1.2 IDE user guide (found it looking for ADS 1.2) just in
case someone is looking for that too..

I visited the link but could find the link to download

Simple trick to find the download link:
Move slowly over the web page with the moouse. Where the cursor turns into
a hyperlink-hand, look for "down" in status line at bottom.
There you go :-)

I am having difficulty on chosing the coding platform for arm9 mini2440.i
downloaded Real Arm Development Suite.But unable to run a simple I/O or led
code....Can any 1 help me by providing simple step by step...of any
platform for mini2440..



Download an ARM toolchain from here

You can choose from compiling to linux(GNU/Linux) or to bare metal(EABI).
Mini2440 comes with linux.

Under linux, after you downloaded the toolchain you can compile sources
with "toolchain_directory/bin/arm-none-***-gcc" where *** could be
"linux-gnueabi" or "eabi" depending what you chose at download stage.

Some useful flags for gcc when compiling to mini2440: "-msoft-float
-mcpu=arm920t -mtune=arm920t -march=armv4t"


hi JazzD, 
i am new to this coding stuff.. i have got one mini2440 but am not able to
compile even a simple code in mini2440. The ADS 1.2 you are talking about
needs to be installed on my mini2440 or on my linux PC. Is it tht if i
install it on my PC i only need to take the executable file on board and
run it there. 
Plz reply soon. I am in dire need of some help! Thanks in Advance 

regards ankit

> By the way, did someone found some (even primitive but working)
> project example(with startup.s, makefile) for s3c2440 that can
> be compiled using gcc?
Have a look at the bootloaders source code. You can found they in download
section on this site. There are source code for the u-boot, vboot and vivi.
All of them using GCC for compiling (as far as I understand).
vboot source code very simple for understanding...

I am have similar problem, but I try to find sample project for the IAR
EWARM... Unsuccessfully... :-(
So I am spend five interesting evenings to try create my own application
for the mini2440. Successfully :-)
First example that simply playing with LED's I am compile very fast, and
they work well.
But I am need interrupts processing and ability to run my program from
NAND, so it is was very funny to learn by myself step by step how to do
this, including reading a lot of documentation, learning bootloaders source
code, reverse engineering and many other pretty things... ;-D (I am was not
very friendly with ARM previous) But now I am understand enough in how
S3C2440 works and in IAR specific compilers things :-)

PS: Sorry for my English.

Dear Vladimir,

please share your example project. I am having troubles to start with IAR
Embedded Workbench for ARM. I think your help could be precious to me and a
lot of other people too.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Vladimir,

Can you share a couple of the simple projects you did on MINI2440? That
would be a big help for the beginner developer like me. 
Did you compile the code using IAR EWARM?


If anyone is still interested in 2440test ported to IAR, here's a snapshot
of my current effort:

There are changes to the original 2440test source code, some to comply with
the IAR syntax, some to correct actual errors.  The project compiles in IAR
EWARM 6.21 kickstart (32k code limit), when optimization is set to max and
space.  The linker config file mini2440.icf places everything in SDRAM.  To
download it, set the mini2440 into NOR boot, start H-JTAG and make sure it
detects the ARM920T core, then hit the download button in IAR (you may need
to change the location of the H-JTAG driver in RDI setup).

Items known not to work:
1. ARM-Thumb interwork, mainly for the ARM assembly functions.  The
compiler is set up to generate ARM code only.  Thumb will not work.
2. USB functionality?  I'm still new to the 2440test code and I'm not sure
what the USB functionality is supposed to be.  Is there even any
documentation for this?

All the menu items through the serial port seem to work properly, though.


Hi guys,

I would first like to apologize for my bad English...

I'm an ARM beginner and would like to learn with mini2440.

I downloaded 2440test 2011-04-21 and I tried to compile 2440test with ADS
1.2 (open the 2440test.mcp and F5 - Debug), but it has 12 errors and 76
warnings... errors are like:

"Undefined symbol __rt_udiv (referred from 2440lib.o)."
"Undefined symbol _dflt (referred from 2440lib.o)."
"Undefined symbol _dmul (referred from 2440lib.o)."
etc. (all is about 2440lib.o)

(on Windows 7 Professional x64)

What I'm doing bad?

Thanks for helps!

Hi again,

I solved this problem itself.

Problem was the installation of ADS, it must not be installed under
"Program Files" path under Win7.

Perhaps it will help someone...

Hi Gene

  your link do not work.
Can you send a new one?

Many tanks!

The same problem with tiny210... I'm tried Iar ARM 6.3 6.5 and keil 4.
Jetlink detecs core, but source files do not run. Now i'm downloading ARM
Development Studio 5 my core is supported.