Using DroidScript on NanoPi-2

Has anyone tried DroidScript on the NanoPi-2 device?

DroidScript has a new 'headless' mode too which should be ideal for
remotely programming it over Wifi.

The latest alpha of DroidScript can be found here:-

DroidScript supports GPIO on the ODROID-C1 device, so it might work on the
NanoPi 2.

Here is some info about using headless mode (from the beta forum):-

The 'headless' mode is designed for working on android TV sticks, embedded
devices and RemixOS.  It's headless because there is no GUI IDE shown on
the Android device, only an IP address is visible for remote connecting
using the WiFi IDE.  (This saves memory and improves performance).

Here is an example of the new config.json file.  Place this file in your
DroidScript folder on your device and it will override any settings in DS. 

    "deviceName" : "MyAndroid",
    "autoWifi" : false,
    "autoStart" : false,
    "useADB" : false,
    "useSoftKeys": true,
    "useYoyo" : true,
    "usePass" : false,
    "password" : "MyPass",
    "headless" : true