How to download Uboot in mini2440?


How to download Uboot into mini2440 which has no software already inside?
ie)Super-vivi also not present,Bios erased by JTAG. Is Super-vivi
Bootloader same as Supervivi Bios? If after downloading Uboot does Uboot
has start address after BootSRAM section ie) after 4KB from 0x0000 0000 in

Please help!

Search for jtagingthenor.pdf found on and see if that

If you want u-boot search for Forest Bao and his mini2440 tutorial.

Hi Vasanth,

You can download u-boot either into NOR or NAND flash. In both cases, you
will need a hardware interface like JTAG to write it into the flash (Since
there is no bootloader, a software approach is not possible).

However, you will need a special version of u-boot for NAND flash. It must
have a 4K Secondary Program Loader (SPL) part that can initialize the NAND
flash controller interface and SDRAM controller. It then loads the main
u-boot code (also called secondary or second-stage bootloader) from NAND
flash into SDRAM for execution.

If you wish to boot from NOR flash, you can use the normal u-boot because
NOR flash does not need any special initialization (unlike NAND flash).
This u-boot code should initialize the NAND flash and SDRAM controllers to
load and execute a kernel and root file system.

This is so because of the difference in the hardware interfaces of the NOR
and NAND flash memory devices to the CPU. Refer to the S3C2440A processor
documentation for details.

Hope that helps,