NanoPi2: OS img files?

Richard Saville

Any chance you can provide img files for those of us using Windows?

I don't use Linux day to day.


the processor isnt compatible with windows. The architecture allows Linuex
based OSs only. You should try android

You can use Windows-emulator (Wine) . It work's fine on many Linux/ARM
platform. In Debian too
full package

>apt-get install wine

minimal package 

>apt-get install wine-bin

If you need access from Windows mashine - install RDP server over VNC and
use classical Remote Terminal for access to NanoPi2  
installation by command 

>sudo apt-get install xrdp

I think he was referring to the images like with Raspberry pi there is a
download page for .img files. 

Where can I find a list of files to download for SD cards so that I can use
Windows to burn the img on to a SD card using Windows tools . For example

If I am to purchase this device I would like it to be user friendly like
the Raspberry Pi. Its name sake is applied to the product I would like to
have a user friendly approach.  We should have a easy transition from
Raspberry Pi to  NanoPi2.

     Before play with your NanoPi2 Fire please get the following items

    NanoPi 2 Fire
    microSD Card/TFCard: Class 10 or Above, minimum 8GB SDHC
    microUSB power. A 5V/2A power is a must


1. To ease the process of making a TF card we recommend users to use the
win32diskimager utility under Windows.

2. Please download the image files from

3. Please uncompress these files. Insert an SD card(at least 4G) to a
Windows PC, run the win32diskimager utility as administrator,On the
utility's main window select your SD card's drive and the image files and
click on "write" to start flashing the SD card.


4. Please insert this card to your NanoPi2 Fire and power on (with a 5V/2A
power source). If the blue LED and green LED are blinking this indicates
your NanoPi2 Fire is successfully booted.