NanoPi2 and SPI speed supported

Dear Friend,
i'm try to use an application wrote originally for RPI2 and test it on
NanoPi2 when i try to set the SPI speed the maximum allowed is 5 Mhz and
not 25 Mhz as i need there are some example and more doc about how set the
SPI speed on NanoPi2 ? 
I found this library
But i don't know if its already ported on NanoPi2

We developed a simple utility for check the result :
in attachment you can found the source of our test application 

The program name is :  demo/matrix-testspi

For the test we used this syntax :

cd demo/matrix-testspi
./matrix-testspi  -spispd <speed in Hz>

This is the video

The spi driver dot set the exact speed that i set in the test application
and if you send a set > 5 Mhz continue to set only at 5 Mhz we check with
our oscilloscope as you can see in the video. Could be that the problem is
in the linux driver ...
If you send us more info we can try to patch it ourself and share our work
with the rest of the community .