Compile and run code directly from Nanopi2

I am using Debian system on Nanopi2. From the wiki, I learnt I have to do
cross compiling of my code on a 64bit Linux (e.g. Ubuntu 14.04) and then
copy the files to Nanopi2 to run it. I am wondering if it is possible to
edit, compile and run the code directly on Nanopi2? If so, what steps I
should follow?

There are various tutorials on the Odroid forums about native compilation. 
They use similar Samsung processors so just maybe the way the boot process
has been setup for the NanoPi2 would allow the same.

You could try posting on FAs new forum.

Hi you have to compile your programs on a PC host. It is hard to compile
your code on NanoPi2's debain. We usually don't do so.
You can post on our

julio menezes

install at least this tools:

cd /tmp
apt-get update
apt-get install build-essential fakechroot subversion libncurses5-dev
zlib1g-dev gawk gcc-multilib flex git-core gettext 
 libssl-dev  unzip subversion mercurial

Abel Rodriguez
Hi ghost,

Excuse me, I think this is out of topic, but you mentioned that you copy
the compiled files to NanoPi2 to run it.

Where do you copy them and how do you run them?
What kind of files are those? Extension? 

Thanks in advance and sorry for the out-of-topic comment.

Abel Rodriguez.

... copy cross-compiled files ... to be correct.

If you do a printenv on the command line you and look at the PATH line you
will be told which directories that programs are expected to be found in.

Usually:  /usr/bin  /usr/sbin   etc

Copying files, depends on what media you are using.  SD card, NFS, SSH etc

Most Linux files do not have extensions. Bash scripts are and
PHP files end in .php