Happy new year, everyone.

I was told that NanoPi has a GPIO port compatible with Raspberry Pi 2. Then
can I use all the GPIO libraries for Raspberry Pi on NanoPi? I've been
played with /sys/class/gpio for a while but still cannot turn my LED on as
the Raspberry Pi instructions. I assume there are some differences of pin
number between NanoPi and Raspberry Pi 2?

I would have a look through for ideas

Ed Wios
Forget it, it is not Raspberry Pi compatible, despite the same pin out and
a Pi in the name (does it sound familiar with all other Chinese products?).
You will have a hard time using this NanoPC for even simple things like
driving a LED from NodeJS, Python, or <name your favourite here> like you
can on the Raspberry Pi.

The 24 two row pins of the Nanopi Neo correspond to the first 24 pins of
Raspberry Pi, see diagram:

That thread is on the port of wiringpi library to Nanopis from wertyzp, so
you should be able to use Raspberry wiringpi lib programs on Nanopi that
make use of the first 24 pins.