Install Google apps

How I install Google apps and Google account in Nanopi2. I tried install
google play and google play services from apk but not success. Nanopi2
Android 5.1.1

I can't do it. I trye'd install from the resource
- there is a lot of popular apps
Don't forget to enable in the setup option - permission to download from
"unknown sources"

Thank. But I will try it again. CPU too hot maybe 70~80C.

I attribute this to the fail too. It was necessary to provide holes for
planting of the cooler. I Noticed that when it heated, the processor starts
work with errors

Too bad than my Orange Pi PC with full Android and Google Play services. I
add a small heat sink, I want a big heat sink but space is too close.
Friendlyarm is bad of supporting and small community :(

Welcome to real world - the сhinese IT-industry ! Programs
fundamentally do not run, the hotline does not speak English, at the
slightest problems - personal leaved any contacts disappear from address ,
and as standard - no any guarantee. I had to buy on Aliexpress - although
you could start a dispute and return me my money. As well - found piece of
metal and a screen for $75 you can safely throw out - you are "cheated". I
have regretted that did not buy normal Raspberri pi2 - speed is the same
but much more convenient with programs and support...

@sdobridnuk: Yes. Chinese is Chinese, lack of everything. I also have a RP2
but It does not run Android :(. I can't install GAPPS.

On the PR2 platform you can run over 33 (!) operation systems. And android
too. see

RP2 can't run smooth Android because of no Driver Hardware Graphic
Acceleration. NanoPi2 is too hot when play video 720p 1080p and auto
shutdown. Bad

It's a mistake to buy this board NanoPi2

      NanoPi 2 is openc source ,you can down load the source code in
github: . 
      The source code of nanopi 2 donot integration Google Play, but you
can download ,nanopi 2 supports oogle Play .

@Jjm. How I download GP. I tried many times but not success..