No display on connecting S70 LCD with NanoPi2

Abhas Abhinav

I recently purchased a NanoPi-2 development kit with the S70 LCD. I
downloaded and wrote debian to the SD card. And Debian boots just fine as I
can see on the serial console.

However, on connecting the LCD to the NanoPi2 board I get no power on the
LCD nor any display during the Debian boot up. Is there a way to debug the
LCD to check if there is a problem with the LCD itself or with the
connection between the LCD and the nanopi2 board? The LCD doesn't even
light up at all -- so is it possible that the LCD could be bad?


Check the 7th post down

Get Started

Essentials You Need

Before play with your NanoPi2 please get the following items ready 
 1、NanoPi 2 
 2、microSD Card/TFCard: Class 10 or Above, minimum 8GB SDHC
 3、microUSB power. A 5V/2A power is a must
 4、HDMI monitor or LCD 

Make an Installation MicroSD Card

Under Windows

Please get the following files from here:download link to download image

Please uncompress these files. Insert an SD card(at least 4G) to a Windows
PC, run the win32diskimager utility as administrator,On the
utility's main window select your SD card's drive and the image files and
click on "write" to start flashing the SD card.
 Please insert this card to your NanoPi2 and power on (with a 5V/2A power
source). If the blue LED and green LED are blinking this indicates your
NanoPi2 is successfully booted.

Armandinha Pereira
NanoPi2 boots correctly but no display on S70 LCD.