Baremetal OS and microcontroller development kit and tutorial.

Hi All,

  I am creating a Baremetal OS and a microcontroller development kit for
the S3C2440 i.e. the mini2440. The code is open sourced and apache
licensed. You can find the project here:

  The objective of this project is to have a baremetal firmware for the
S3C2440 utilizing the full power of the processor as well as provide easy
to read code built using open source tools for other developers to learn
about creating baremetal firmware or use the code as reference when they
themselves create their own firmware.

 Current progress:
1) Bare skeleton of the drivers is implemented for SD,NAND,RAM,UART,GPIO's
etc without interrupt handling.
2) Bare framework for interrupt handling support.
3) Board bringup with correct clock initialization is done.
4) Massive code cleanup pending.

   TODO is present in the code itself for checking the progress.
  I would love to get feedback on this project and also if possible provide
support in terms of sample boards or financial would be great. This would
encourage me to do more and provide very good step by step documentation on
baremetal firmware development so that other people can benefit.