7 Inch Panel PC with WinCE 6.0 GK 7000

Said labib
PLEASE if you can help me
i have a 7 Inch Panel PC with Win CE 6.0 GK 7000
and the problem is the screen is black 
a tray to use the DNW TO reed it but i cant 
DNW TELL ME       abort exception.

and i cant get it to receive the NK.BIN OR Boot.bin 
thanks for your help


Soraya García
Hello, I have the same problem, so far have failed to solve

Iuri Farenzena
The same here. Any help?

I have a GK7000 w/CE6. The device operates fine, but the driver disk had no
NK.bin file. I can run the DNW image updater, but the NK.bin file is simply
unavailable. I can run my software and other software, just can't write to
the ROM. Any possible way to receive the NK.bin file from someone here?

Rahman Abber Tahir
I also need NK.bin for GK7000