Mini 210s Kernel Boot Failure

Jin Chen
Hi All,

I'm running into an issue during the kernel boot of the Mini210s.  The
error messages are shown below.  Have anyone else seen this problem before?
 Any help is appreciated!

[    1.736941] s5p-ohci s5p-ohci: init err (00000000 0000)
[    1.736986] ohci_hcd: can't start s5p-ohci
[    1.737038] s5p-ohci s5p-ohci: startup error -75
[    1.737082] s5p-ohci s5p-ohci: USB bus 2 deregistered
[    1.737158] s5p-ohci s5p-ohci: Failed to add USB HCD
[    1.738567] s5p-ohci: probe of s5p-ohci failed with error -75
[    3.040831] Freeing init memory: 1452K
[    3.048117] yaffs: dev is 32505860 name is "mtdblock4" rw
[    3.048167] yaffs: passed flags ""
[    4.437172] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address
[    4.437233] pgd = dbd58000
[    4.437258] [00002004] *pgd=3bdcf831, *pte=00000000, *ppte=00000000
[    4.437318] Internal error: Oops: 817 [#1] PREEMPT
[    4.437360] Modules linked in:
[    4.438837] CPU: 0    Not tainted  (3.0.8-FriendlyARM #3)

newwaysys sysys
For the ext4 partition you will need to use a disk resizing app. like
gparted on a linux machine. When you open gparted and look at your SD card,
you'll notice that there is 151MB of unallocated space, this is where
superboot is, so don't touch it, it's supposed to be there!!
In gparted, resize the fat partition that you made, it doesn't matter too
much how big it is, I made mine 512MB so I can mess with other stuff on the
card at a later date, using gparted, I had to click on the green tick to
actually resize the fat partition before it would let me partition the rest
of the sd card. 
Once you've resized the fat partition, you can format the unallocated space
that is freed up by the resizing, it's easiest to just right click on the
unallocated space to the right of the fat partition, choose new partition
and then set the filesystem to ext4, click add and then click the green
tick to execute the changes