failed to display english characters in mini2440 3.5 LCD

Dr. Amit
Attachment: lcd draw text.txt (1.88 KB)
The issue is I can draw lines, rectangles but unable to write text to LCD.
It is getting displayed as white filled boxes. What is the issue in the
code ? Compiler is KEIL.

Have you got a font library installed or are you trying to generate the
characters from bit maps?

Think people would need to understand more of your higher level

I have tried font library but the same issue. Here it is hzk16 and asc16.
It is from easyos project. Kindly see
I had altered some like sxreen alignment to suit my board.

First time I have heard of this project.  No hits on this forum.  Why not
send message to the uploader?

already done that but no reply from uploader side. What might be the cause
? I had tried other source codes too but same issue..There is no issue with
hardware coz. winCE and linux are running perfectly.