Baremetal OS and Microcontroller development kit.

  I am building a baremetal OS and a microcontroller development kit for
the S3C2440. It is still in its nascent stage and the architecture is still
being developed. The goal is to make a very simple baremetal OS for
experimenting/learning and also for making testing of the hardware much
much simpler.
  The source code is at

  I would love to know your feedback on it.


It would be great if anybody wants to fund for any must have features as I
am developing it during my free time.


You are aware that the S3C2440 is EOL (End Of Life) and no longer in
production? FriendlyARM may still have some stock of these parts but I'm
sure it's limited. If you are developing hardware you should target a newer
processor such a the S3C2451.


hi, Rob, ARM Cortex-A8 is good? If so. please find RT-210 here I mean
Mini210s board with Samsung S5PV210.
If you're still unsutisfyed, I can make nonOS for Exynos in any its flavor.
But. minis210s id Great!