Run executable on MINI2440 with NO OS

I am new to embedded programming, so i don't know specific terminologies,
Pardon me if i sound silly. I have fedora installed on my PC and i have a
friendly arm mini2440 board. I successfully installed linux kernel and
everything is going good on mini2440. Now i have some image processing
program, which i want to run on mini2440 without OS. like, only process
running on board should be my program. and in that program, how can i
access the on board cam to take image from, and serial port to send output
to the PC. Thanking you.

Well you're kind of right. It is really silly!
You can't run a program without an OS on these processors. They are built
to run some sort of OS after all. Otherwise you should program them
directly like you would for a AVR or PIC microcontrollers and I don't think
it's possible for these processors because there isn't any support or
compiler or things like that for them. If it's the matter of speed for your
program and you don't want the OS's load then I think you should try boards
with real time OSs if there is any out there. Like QNX. 
Besides in case of the matter of speed then youre so much better of using a
TI DSP because they have been made for these purposes and they are
optimized and you can program them with or without any OS and there is that
support or compiler I told you about! 
Nowadays everything has its own right solution. Keep studying about
technologies so you would have a better understanding

Nagasai Boppudi
Hi, I worked before with OS less microcontrollers like MSP 430 using CCS
software. I would like to do OS less programming for mini there any
step by step guide for that. Please help me in this regard.

Search <StartOS> on this forum