How to get rid of the NANDFlash folder/drive in Win Explorer?

Alex K
The latest BSP (20141128) for 2440 creates a WinCE that has a NANDFlash
folder/drive in Windows Explorer. How to get rid of it?

In the past, before this NANDFlash folder existed, I was able to copy  my
files anywhere on the root drive. Now they are deleted at restart, unless
they are placed in the NANDFlash folder.

A similar issue has been discussed on this forum suggesting to change the
File system to ROM only. However, I was able to make images with RAM and
ROM setting in the past, and still use the root drive to permanently store
files, so changing the File system-Internal is not the solution.

I would appreciate some help on how to modify the BSP to revert it back.

Alex K
In the platform.bib file under the NandFlash driver section there is
"smflash.dll" included; my old BSP had "nandflash.dll". Is this related to 
the issue descried in the post?

Alex K
Is anybody from FA reading this thread?