mini2440 downloads

I think that recently all the downloads went to ftp server:

But I don't see everything that was available before. I'm interested in
mini2440. For example all these links are invalid now and I can't find the
content on the ftp server:

On the ftp in 2440Board folder basically there is only gcc and manuals.
Right now I'm trying to find uboot for mini2440. I think it was available
in Downloads recently but now I can't find it anywhere.

Does someone know where all these downloads are available now?

Andreas Watterott
The old downloads can be found here, but I will remove the server in about
1-2 weeks.
user:   f0045951
pw:     friendlyarm

Narayan Krishnamurthy
Dear Andreas,
I just saw this forum today. Could you please keep he old downloads in the
server for about a week or two more?
I will appreciate your help


Hello guys!
I try to download a DVD on the Mini2440 from the download section, but
after I downloaded it and tried to unzip it on my Centos 6, I was given the
error that the zip file was defective. And so several times. I tried to
download both in whole and in parts, but everything is unsuccessful.

What am I doing wrong?

Yours faithfully,

Ah, I get it! It is necessary to burn a DVD-ROM. And then tell me another
question. Where can I download code samples from the manufacturer, if such

Yours faithfully,

There were a few code samples on the DVD from FriendlyArm.  Once you learn
to cross-compile the odd sample or two you grab C code off the internet and
port it to your mini2440, if necessary.

Try to find C code samples that someone has run on the mini2440 or else you
might find that changes are required, ie to cater for the different
hardware setup.

And where exactly are these examples? When I go to download a DVD for the
Mini2440, I have the option to choose what to download. So - I do not see
there is no TestCode folder or C-files. Some solid bin, pdf and zip files.
Could you give here a link to examples codes folder?
I can use the cross-compiler and Mini2440 system - taught at courses

Dave Festing
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Rename it code

I'll look for more

Dave Festing
Forget the first comment!

Dave Festing
These were on the original DVD about 6-7 years ago.  That's all I can find.

Thank you very much!