How to start with FriendlyARM -Tiny6410

I have friendlyARM with Tiny6410...i didnt have the CD shipped with to get start with FriendlyARM any tutorial PDF is there?? how to
start working with development board??where i can get WinCE image??

Try the download server on the downloads page or go to

There should be a user manual somewhere on the net.  The mini6410 manual
might be of some help.

Thanks davef...!!!

In tiny6410 finished installation process from SD card (process like
superboot,and copied WinCE nk file in sd card)??? but i cant get os on
Should i want to install visual studio and WinCE in computer??if its why
its necessary??pls explain...or send a link...

sorry fr asking im beginner...

Sorry, I can't help you with as I have never done it myself.

Search around for wince boot problems on this forum.

Good luck!

i followed this tutorial for installation Wince installation in Tiny6410

everything followed...except 3rd one..i dont what that is for so
left...Wince OS not booting from SD card...
anyone pls help...

i lost the DVD shipped with the FriendlyARM Tiny6410...anyone pls share the
DVD folder or images of Wince 6.0 and android...or link to download...

link for 6410