How to debug VS2008 project on Mini210

Dear developers,
I have a question. How are we supposed to debug a program developed in
Visual Studio 2008 in Mini 210 or Tiny 210 WinCE ? Because both of them
dont have a USB B-Type connection. And as far as i know, a USB B-Type
connection is necessary for debugging a VS2008 project. Please guide if
there is a way to debug.

All of the wince BSP of friendlyarm can be debuged in vs2008 . It must be
debuged in vs2005 . If you want to use vs2008 ,maybe you have to do some

FriendlyARM compiled all its applications with VS2005 under Windows 7 (32
bit system). We don't have much experience in using VS2008 however we
suggest that you start with some simple applications in VS2008.