Gpio IO pin Frequency not stable

Dipen Patel
I am using mini2440 below gpio pin for output purpose.

GPIO Bank NAME     Connector pin  GPIO NO
S3C2410_GPE(14), //CON4-29-pin :  142
S3C2410_GPE(15), //CON4-30-pin :  143
S3C2410_GPB(0),  //CON4-31-pin :  32 //PWM pin so in that got stable
freq.set by user

So i am measuring freq.on this GPIO 142,143 so not stable
it is continues very like 3Khz,12Khz,18Khz,50Khz,90Khz,30Khz,80Kz

i am also using     
so help me how to make it stable.

Unless you do "bare metal" programming you will probably not get a stable
frequency. The operating system "gets in the way".  I am not even sure if
using a "real-time" patch on Linux will do it.

What are you trying to do? Or, why is the PWM not appropriate?

Now i want to detect rising edge of pwm for pin no (mini2440 board)
S3C2410_GPB(0),  //CON4-31-pin :  32 //PWM 

So on rising edge i want to enable other output gpio pins.

SO i don't know how to detect rising edge of pwm pin in kernel module.
so if have you any example or  suggestion so help me..