Board Not ON

Hi all,

I have a mini2440, brought long back. i am not used except once or twice,
where i tried to flash something (no remembered what i did), display gone.
there after i lost interest. i left it a side.

Now i want to start using it. So, when i powered up, blank display appears
and off. 

I am not sure, how to start to work with it. 

Can any one please help me on this?


Does the red power LED come on?

Hook it up to a PC running minicom or hyperterminal using the supplied
RS232 cable and then post the bootup messages.

No boot up messages appeared on terminals .

I am thinking, i need to flash it, through JTAG.

Any idea on how to flash it, through JTAG?

Yup, had to do it once about 3 years ago.  Search for a HowTo at called something like "JTAGingtheNOR.pdf".

Think I would check that your terminal setup is working properly.  There
was a recent thread about the same issue.  Search loopback test.



I did the loop back test (shorting the pins 2 and 3, and echo mode) with my
serial cable (USB-to-Serial converter), it is working fine.

i have found the JTAGingTheNOR.pdf file. 
It require a parallel port. i tried to buy a USB to Parallel port, i do not
find it. (i have found only USB to Parallel printer port, which is having
incompatible connectors).

So i am thinking of about USB JTAG, do you have any idea on it? i would to
like buy it.

No idea about that.  I keep an old computer with a printer port just in
case I mess it up again!

Good luck.


I got the USB to Parallel port. I have updated the drivers (IEEE-1284
controller is detected).

I have no idea on LPT port address to be provided in H-JTAG settings?
Any idea on this? i searched the internet i did not found.

Also, any idea on how to flash NOR in Linux using JTAG?

Maybe, try a lsusb command on your host to see what address your USB to LPT
converter lives at.  demsg is another useful command.

Never did it is Linux.

is = in