mini2440 ethernet issue

Dear Sir,

We are using mini2440 (x20) with windows ce 5.

The device has application which downloads the single csv file and many
images( 40 to 80 images each 15k) from another PC every 3 min. The device
and PC is connected over Ethernet. Once or twice a day device is unable to
download the files and gets stuck. Then we have to reboot the device.Kindly
help us resolve this issue.


Sandeep Sondagar
There is problem with Dm9000 driver on WinCe 5.

Try this :-

Krishna Ghodke
Dear Sir,

I am also facing the same issue.
Could you please tell how to make this change mentioned in the link in
dm9000.cpp file and how to build, deploy the solution to device ?

Also could you please tell if fix for this bug is available in any latest
update of win ce 5?

If possible can you please provide me your mobile number so that we can
talk. I am from India, Pune. You can email me your number to my email id

Krishna Ghodke

Sughosh K
Dear Madhuri and Krishna,

 Is the issue is resolved ?
 In case you are still looking for any help, let me know.

 I have done this in the past. so if you want I can look into the issue
 @Krsihna I have emailed you my details.


Sughosh K

Rahul Patil
we are using DM9000CEP. we are also facing same issue. ethernet stop
working after 2days. we are uploading some file on ftp server but after
2days ethernet not work whenever i reboot whole system issue will be
resolve. I think, ethernet driver have some issue.. if you guys have any
solution plz contact me 
thank you 
Rahul patil