how to run 2 separate programs in MINI2440 terminal

could anyone can tell me how can i run 2 individual c program in ARM
terminal window from my host computer ....??? here i can't open 2 separate
terminals of ARM board because i am using serial port to see the ARM file
system . 

so once i run a ./a.out program , it keeps blocking the terminal window
till the end of the prog execution . so i could not run my 2nd program . 
plz tell me the proper way of executing multiple process on embedded board

./a.out &

program is running in background

hi sushant 

this method of execution of program works on pc linux terminal but it is
not working in friendly ARM board . i tried this method before . there is
even very big problem came when i executed the program using ./a.out & . 

the problem was like neither the program run in background nor i could
stopped it . i could not even stopped using ctrl+c key . i had to reboot my
board that time . i think there would be some other techniques for this

so plz let me know if any other method we have ....

Hi adam,

Not ./a.out & this is a work same as linux pc. please provide me the screen

hello sushant , could you plz give me your mail id ?  i will sent you the
screen shot to your mail id . thanks