mini2440 revive


I've got bricked mini2440 with 3,5" display.
I tried to revive it in the following way:

First mini2440 boot from nor : nothing happening , nothing on serial port
one big blank nothing.
Then I tried to connect by H-JTAG using openJTAG and H-JTAG doesn't see cpu
or better don't see jtag.

So the last thing was to connect by openJTAG using OpenOCD so I've done
this and:
CPU - visible
CPU - halt, reset and so on, can load programs.
So boot from nand : 
1. reset halt
2. load initialization code for ram initialization
3. resume
4. load u-boot to ram
5. start from ram begin address: "beep", nothing on serial, nothing more.
5b. supervivi - beeping all the time.

the same for nor, of course with other address to load init code - effect
the same as above. 

So I thought maybe something is not right with board maybe cpu maybe serial

So my first step was to run some baremetal code for s3c2440 and i've used
the 2440test programs with sunflowers and voila it's working then uCos
example works.

I've only checked the voltage on the rs232 port on mini2440 and they seems

My Question is what can I do more or maybe I've done something wrong with
One more thing I tried to load u-boot to nand by board config from openOCD.

board : mini2440 FriendlyARM
system: Win7
jtag: openJtag

I would be very grateful if someone would like to help me.

I've got that by my own.
This was MAX323 problem.
I have checked carefully what's happening on the MAX on the inputs /
outputs and on it's pump.
Probably I have made a mistake last time when I was checking the outputs -
TX was 0V (not good).

RX - -6V ok
TX - 0V not ok
PUMP -  -6V and 6V - OK

Next step was connecting osciloscope to the tx and rx from mini - and tx
after flashing u-boot to ram change it state - TX alive. RX : 3.3V (OK)

Probably someone destroy max by connecting TX(pc) to TX(mini2440)
(potential difference / and any other potential problems :P).

After I get working console i've flashed nand and everything is ok :).

I can say that mini2440 is unbrickable from the software site.

Thanks for all XD.