Mini2451 superboot problem

Guillermo Rodriguez
Hello all,

I am trying to prepare an SD card with superboot with the Mini2451.

I used the SD-flasher tool to fuse the superboot2451.bin file to the card.
I also copied the contents of the images/ directory from the FriendlyARM
DVD to the root of the SD, as described in the manual.

After this I insert the SD card in the Mini2451, move the boot selector to
the SD position and turn power on.

I get a message on the console saying:

  Superboot-2451 V1.05a(20131223) by FriendlyARM                           
  Booting from SD 

But after this, nothing else.

Any hints ?

Johan Ribenfors
I now have the same problem.

Using the images, folder structure and friendlyarm.ini from the DVD.

Superboot-2451 V1.06a(20141013) by FriendlyARM

Booting from SD

LEDs 2, 3 and 4 come on and then go out, only the power LED remains.

Dream Lee
I'm using tiny210 board and superboot210.bin

And I have also same problem. 

Who is fixed problem ?

      you can download Mini2451-usersmanual , the manual has method of
burning system . Mini2451-usersmanualV11292013-12092013

I think you have a bad image wince . You need to make a new in VS.

If you have further problems feel free to my blog and contact with me

Morris Wu
I also have superboot problem.My platform is Tiny6410 + SDK board,
When I boot from SD, UART shows "Booting from SD" only, then nothing
If I replace superboot with u-boot.bin in SD boot area.It will work fine.
Then I change another SD card, but with same situation.
I think it's not caused by SD card, and I Download other superboot.bin from
FriendlyARM Web. but nothing changed.
Could any one could help for fix this problem?