TFAT for Tiny6410


Try to format the NAND flash with TexFAT on a Tiny6410 but always fail. I
use the following registry settings

    "FriendlyName"="exFAT FileSystem"

After burning image with superboot, the File system is always exFat, not
TexFat. What's the problem here?
Your helps will be appreciated.


I am no expert but I believe the "StorageManager\EXFAT" key should not be
used.  Use that standard "StorageManager\FAT" key instead.

To implement Transaction Safe (TexFAT) - include the FormatTfat key as you
have already done.

To implement exFAT functionality - include the FormatExfat key set to 1. 
See below - the OS will read the drive type installed and interact with as
such (meaning this flag doesn't mean every drive installed has to be exFAT.

Finally (see link below) - the Transaction safe functionality does't occur
on a specific drive until that drive is formatted at TexFat.  Meaning is
you insert a Flash drive that was formated as a standard FAT32 - the OS
will read that it is a FAT32 volume and treat it as such.  If a Transaction

Link showing do not use \EXFAT key:

Link showing Flag for exFAT: