Mini2440 don't start with DNW!!!

Daniil Kupchyk
Good arternoon, I'm trying to boot Mini2440 with DNW. According to
Mini2440/Micro2440 Download Manual for Linux (with DNW) 

1)I have installed usb drivers, 
2)USB and COM cables already connected, 
3)switch is in NOR position, 
4)turn power on, 
5)start DNW tool, 
6)set connection settings to 115200,8,1,No, I can see connection status

And nothing happens anymore!!! No any invite from device. There should be
list of commands received from device. Please, help to deal with this.

PS: Changing NOR swith cause a Linux boot from NAND memory, so I think
device is not dead.

Sandeep Sondagar
Good Afternoon Daniil Kupchyk,

If you have purchased Mini2440 recently, then it may have superboot on NOR
rather than supervivi.

DNW has never worked for me with board having Superboot. So please don't
waste your time with DNW and use MiniTools or burn SuperVivi on NOR and use
with DNW.

Daniil Kupchyk
Yes, the board was purchased recently, thanks for direction, so I have two
ways: use MiniTools or burn SuperVivi... lets try.

Daniil Kupchyk
I can predict that SuperVivi could be download with SuperVivi downloader,
but what is MiniTools? I can't see any link on site download section or in
the google search.

Sandeep Sondagar
You can find MiniTools on Support DVD (NEW) or at