WinCE boot problem in Mini2440

ergun kucukkose

I have problem on Mini2440. Sometimes when electric power down and up
several times; WinCE does not booting. Only boot logo seems and i debug it
from com1 "load Windows CE Image.." But WinCE is not starting. I can't do
any thing. And I see this problem on different Mini2440s. Some device's NOR
is supervivi and some device's NOR is superboot. 

After this problem i'm installing WinCE again. And it's starting to work.

What do you think about this problem?

Ergun Kucukkose

Manoj Mishra
Dear ergun,
           I am also facing the same problem,mini2440 boards are creating
big trouble for me.If you find any problem of this solution then kindly
mail me too.My mail id is

I also interrested to know if you found any solution.
I have the same problem.



I'm facing the exact same problem and I'm desperate to find the solution. I
don't know what to do anymore to avoid this problem. If you any kind of
solution, please explain. 

Thank you.

Best regards,