Unable to Access Internet on mini2440

Hai EveryOne ,
        This is saikrishna and i am using mini2440 and my problem is that i
am unable to connect to the Internet through the Ethernet cable even though
i have came across all the feasible that are made available on the
Internet,can any one suggest me how to get connected to the Internet
through the Ethernet cable or please give me the link address to overcome
this problem.

Thanks in Advance

Do you not know the IP address of the mini2440?  The boards come setup with

You then might need to describe your system a bit more.  IE, you can
connect using other computers

Do u want access the internet or webserver?

Good point Sundeep.

You should be able to ping if things are working.  If you want to
browse the internet you have a challenge ahead of you.  I run a demo
browser that comes with Qt, but it is not very useful. Arora is another
one, but I think it is a dead project and I had lots of problems with it on
some sites.