Size of logo Image for 7" LCD

I want to change boot logo of linux on mini2440. What should be its size so
that it will occupy full screen size?

I'm not sure about boot image scaling.
But this document,
telling that A70 LCD has 800x480 resolution.

If i created image of 800x480 resolution then will it be fit on screen??

That's what I told I'm not sure, never play with it.

It worked Bro..
Thank YOu..

But having another problem at startup line like
Starting networking
starting ssh demons
staring web service
staring led services
staring qutopia

this  line are overlaped on logo??

how to get rid of that

in file /etc/init.d/rcS
will be the line echo "..." >&/dev/tty1
just comment them out.

Thank You..

And what about the blinking cursor at right top???

I can't remember where's the setting of the cursor,
but I remember that in this forum have someone talked about it somewhere.
You might find that post if you try, pretty sure.

I found this but not getting what exactly i should do??

I remember that may be somewhere you can configure about the cursor.
But as I told, I can't remember where the post is.

Not the post you give, another. Don't know how long it's been posted.
Maybe the detail is in another website. But pretty sure if it's, the link
posted in this forum.

Maybe you can google it, might easier to find out.

By Googling i got these lines..

"In three, the removal of logo boot standby cursor

If you find logo lower left corner there will be blinking cursor, can see
the next steps

In the drivers/video/console/fbcon.c file static void fb_flashcursor (void
*private) and static void fbcon_cursor (struct vc_data *vc, int mode)

What should i do??

Sandeep Sondagar
Dear Ajit,

Removal of Blinking Cursor is kernel Version dependent. Which version you
are using?

Try see this thread,

I don't understand what you googled. I just type "FriendARM remove blink
cursor" or just "linux remove blink cursor".

Try the link and tell me what you get.

Sandeep Sondagar
Dear lsk,

Suggested link by you works well with Pengutronix BSP.

Hey Sandeep,
I use linux-

And Isk,
this thread i showed you before right here and you said not this one..
Im not getting what i should do exactly from this thread.

Sandeep Sondagar
Dear Ajit,

For FriendlyARM kernel, edit file "drivers/char/vt.c" line 1619.

vc->vc_deccm = 1;
vc->vc_deccm = 0;

This worked for me.

Dear Sandeep,

I'll Try this and will let you know.

Thank You

Oops, that's my fault.
Maybe I'm opening another post while open yours too.

Try what Sandeep Sondagar guided you and let me know ^^

Hello Sandeep and Isk

It worked.!!

Thank You Guys