Accessing GPB2 and GPB3

Samyukta Ramnath
I have managed to generate PWM on pins GPB0 and GPB1, but also wanted to
know if I could use GPB2 and GPB3.
On checking the Mini2440Essentials.pdf manual from, I
couldn't find exactly where these pins are located.
Are we allowed access to these pins, or are they internally connected

Looks like you need to download the schematic.

Those two pins are used to control the audio codec.

Samyukta Ramnath
I do have the schematic, so does that mean that I can't use them as timer
So what exactly do these pins do as timer outputs for the audio codec?

Unless you modify the printed circuit board, ie remove the audio codec and
modify some kernel driver (?) 

I know very little about audio codecs.  Again maybe the datasheet for the
codec would give clues as to what you need to apply to those two pins.