S3C2440 - LCD Output with Assembler

Guido Gratzke

how can i write some Data at the Framebuffer with Assembler?
I have successfully configured the Registers and can activat
the LCD.The Datasheet of the S3C2440 said that the Framebuffer was defined
at LCDSADDR1 (0x4D000014) and LCDSADDR2(0x4D000018).
Has anyone an Idea? I don't use an OS on my mini2440 it's simple asm


Define the frame buffer address (it must be in the RAM area).
Write the address into LCD controller registers.
Write some data in the RAM area.
You'll see them on the LCD screen.

P.S. (If you use test2440 as an example, you may come across with very slow
memory in some addresses, due its memory's bank initialization
parameters...)Also you may take a look in some startos examples, there're
addresses, registers, and some LCD outputs. Just right-click on .C file and
select "disassemble" option.

Guido Gratzke
Hi anatoly,

thanks for your answer.After your post i've reading the Datasheet again
and i found out what my memory configuration was wrong.Now after the
correction i can see what i expected.

Well,sometimes i couldn't seen the wood befor many tree's.

best regards


Guido Gratzke
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i've attached my assembler file because i have no idea why no Pixel on my
A70 are showed.Who can told me whats going on there.If i do install WinCE6
or Linux so works the display fine.