Samsung S3C2440 present in devices but file not there

Samyukta Ramnath
I have a FriendlyArm mini2440 board with Samsung S3C2440 processor.
I also have Keil mu vision downloaded from the site. It has Samsung S3C2440
listed in the target devices, but when I open the folder
/Keil/ARM/Boards/Samsung, there is no folder for S3C2440. What is wrong?
Can I obtain this folder from somewhere?
Thanks and regards

Samyukta Ramnath
Basically, I want to run the Blinky.c program on my mini2440 board using
keil. I found the blinky.c example for S3C2440 processor in
/Keil/ARM/Boards/Clabsys/ folder.
In my project, I added the S3C2440.s file, Blinky.c for s3c2440, and
retarget.c which includes s3c2440.h in the header files. All of them
compile fine, but when I try to build the project, it gives the following
six errors: 

Build target 'Target 1'
assembling S3C2440.s...
compiling retarget_mini2440.c...
compiling Blinky.c...
.\mrrr.axf: Error: L6630E: Invalid token start expected number or ( but
found n at position 5 on line 5
.\mrrr.axf: Error: L6629E: Unmatched parentheses expecting ) but found n at
position 5 on line 5
.\mrrr.axf: Error: L6226E: Missing base address for region LR_.
.\mrrr.sct(5): error: L6292E: Ignoring unknown attribute 'null' specified
for region LR_.
.\mrrr.sct(5): error: L6228E: Expected '{', found ')...'.
.\mrrr.sct: Error: L6372E: Image needs at least one load region.
Not enough information to list image symbols.
Not enough information to list the image map.
Finished: 2 information, 0 warning and 6 error messages.
".\mrrr.axf" - 6 Error(s), 0 Warning(s).
Target not created

The same six errors are found whenever I try any code, even though there is
nothing on line 5 of any of the codes. 

What is wrong?