Mini6410 CAM130 Capture C#

Hi all,

I want to get captures from mini6410 board with cam130 device. But I
couldnt find any reference about it. I think mini6410 uses directshow from
camera display. But I dont know anything about directshow or how to
manipulate it from with compact framework. My operation system is
win ce 6.0 by the way. 
Thank you so much.

com'on nobody knows anything about this!!

I have a C code, which works on linux and uses V4L2. If you want it ping

Hello angie ,
    The system of wince 6.0 does not support camera , if you want to use
your cam130 , you have to use linux system . If you must use cam130 under
ce6.0 , you need to add the driver of cam130 .

Hello angie , 
   Oh , sorry . I saw the manual of tiny6410 . You can send email to me ,
and I will give you a newest image which support cam130 . But friendlyarm
did not use . 
    Maybe your steps was wrong ? My email is 

Good luck

Akshay, would it be possible to share your C code somehow on this
community? I was looking for a code like this (using linux and V4L2)