Encountered Error at First use of StartOS

I purchased a Mini2440 and now i want to try StartOS to develop my
First of all I copied  the S_X35.bin into my SD card. 
Then i Uploaded this file to NOR via DNW.

but no calibration Screen appeared (as told in Manual)... any one can help
me what i have to do? i need to boot up the Mini2440 via the CD card.

Thank You

Dear Sahar,
Maybe it's time read the user manual? :)
File S_X35.bin you have to load in the:
- RAM using DNW.exe [d] command; OR in the
- NAND using [a] command in case if you will be satisfied with it.

The user's binary files: Hello.bin, and so on please write onto SD Card up
to 2 GBytes (Not SDHC as it work with mini210s by now) and launch them from