Mini2451 DVD

Johan Ribenfors
Is the DVD for the Mini2451 available online?

I have a board that was sent with a Mini2440 DVD, which isn't much use.


Although the transfers sometimes are aborted.

Johan Ribenfors
I get about 800mb each time and then it aborts.

Anywhere else?

I was able to download it but I had to find a Chinese speaking colleague.

Don't try - it does not work. (In the 3-rd thousand we still can not to
download files...)
Thanks, friends!

Johan Ribenfors
I put this aside for a bit, but need to pick it up again now.  I still
can't get the DVD anywhere!

Armworks don't seem to be replying to emails and the various links to baidu
don't work at all.

Johan Ribenfors
technical@armworks made no reply, but orders@armworks resulted in a dropbox

Problem solved.