Superboot2440 does not start WinCE.

Superboot2440 suddenly does not start WinCE anymore. This have happened to
several of our newest boards. The boards are flashed with the SD memory, to
boot WinCE, and they work well for a while, until some time when they are
booted, and they do not pass the bootlogo.bmp image, and the yellow line.

Have anyone experienced this?. It would be very useful to get some response
from FriendlyArm of why this are happening. We have used Mini2440 from
2010, but since the time they began dispatching the Mini2440 with
Superboot2440, we are having this issue in a regular basis. When this
happens we have a big problem with our customers, as a board that does not
boot, becomes a dead weight.



You need to build a new image with the latest BSP or use the latest image
for 2440. Old images do not boot properly.

Hi hassan.

Where can I download the latest BSP?. (in the FTP, the ISO is from 2012).

How can I check the version of my BSP?. Is a lot of work to to trim the BSP
as I need it, so if my current BSP is the last one, I would left it


The latest BSP is Mini2440-CE6-Suite-1401. I don't know where to download

Hi hassan. The one I have is I think I should
test the newer one. How did you get 1401?. Can you maybe upload it here or
to other place?.

By the way, by searching the BSP that you refer to, I found your thread of
some days ago about config the touchscreen. I left there a couple of tips
that can be usefull to you.

Maybe Mindee, as the FriendlyARM representative who visits this forum could
help providing a download link for (I am sure I
am not the only who will find this information useful).

Thanks for your reply to my question ferite. I already solved the problem
and forgot the write solution on my topic. My solution is same as yours.

this link is for the bsp

this link is for nboot.

you must build both of them for stabil running.

Thanks you so much hassan.

By the way, I have not built nboot before. You were not given the binary
version?. What IDE or compiler do you use for this?.

Thanks again.

Hi Ferite,

I am also facing same issue. Do you able to solve this "Yellow" Screen
issue ?

I am trying to Hassan solution , if it will work I will write down here.

Hi Ferrite, Nilesh
This time i received it Was P-35
old images  compiled in Wince6.0 platform builder does not work
shoul i use the new BSP 1401 ?

Hi Nishi,

I have same board - P-35. You can try it with 1401.
I am trying to compile it and try to istall it. If you have any success let
me know.

Also i have move back - from Superboot to Supervivi.. Now i want to back to
Superboot but i do not know how to do it. Anyway i m trying if any success
i will share.

Nilesh Jambucha

Hi Nilesh 
I was Successful in compiling with 1401 , but unable to boot through SD
i have followed all steps for SDboot, but on screen it shows SDcard found
and stops ,
my moboile no is 9822327741 staying in Pune

I was successful in porting Wince6.0 to mini2440 P35
i used the files available in the CD
and edited the ini file as below

#This line cannot be removed. by FriendlyARM(

USBMode = No
Action = Install
OS = CE6
VerifyNandWrite = Yes

LowFormat = No
Status Type = Beeper| LED

# Windows CE 6 part

#WindowsCE6-Bootloader = WindowsCE6\nboot_P35.bin
WindowsCE6-Bootloader = Superboot2440.bin
WindowsCE6-BootLogo = WindowsCE6\bootlogo.bmp
WindowsCE6-InstallImage = WindowsCE6\NK_P35.bin
WindowsCE6-RinImage = WindowsCE6\NK_P35.bin

#UserBin-Bootloader = Superboot2440.bin
userBinStartAddress = 30000000
#UserBin-Image = 2440test\2440test_W35.bin

kindly write to me if you need help 
please mention mini2440 in the subject of mail

Hi Nishi and Nilesh:

I downloaded BSP 1401, and I ran WinDiff on BSP2440_1320 and BSP2440_1401.
I only found differences in these files:


Becasuse of that, as long as BSP refers, there is not a change that makes
the 1401 more stable than 1320. There are only changes regarding backlight
and LCD support. By the way if you look at options.h and s3c2440a_lcd.h
code, you will find support for your P35 LCD.

Now, as for the bootloader, I have not the source code for the previous
version of nboot, in order to guess if this new nboot is going to be more
stable that previous. However I can tell you that it does support P35 LCD.

Any one has the last nboot (nboot-20140103) binary?. (or at least knows how
to compile the source code).

HI Nishi,

You .ini file give error at line no. 15

Hi Nishi,

OK able to do it.. Forgot to comment..

#WindowsCE6-Bootloader = WindowsCE6\nboot_P35.bin

Hi Nishi:

Could you upload please your nboot_P35.bin and Superboot2440.bin?. Besides
nboot_P35.bin your images\wince6 folder has othe nboot versions, like
nboot_W35.bin for instance?. If so, could you upload it too?.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Attachment: nboot_P35.bin (3.2 KB)
Hi Ferite,

Here the files are ..

send me your e-mail id.. so i can send..

Hi Nilesh:

Thanks for your reply. I was able to download the attachment. I have one
question more. Along with nboot_P35.bin, is there bootloader for other LCD
types, like nboot_W35.bin for the previous LCD?.

Thnak for your help, and best regards.

Yes... it is available...
I am not able to upload more documents here.. so give me your id so i can
send you other files

Hi Nilesh:

You can send it to chamac2 -at-> gmail.

Thanks again and best regards.


Is there any resolution on this issue?  we are having the same problem and
it is preventing a shipment for us. We are using the instructions for
loading NK.bin images via the SDCARD and the FriendlyArm.ini file, but our
NK.BIN image is only allowed to run the FIRST time. We are using an older
A70 board.

After a reboot, it moves the yellow progress bar to the right and hangs

I have downloaded the latest BSP and tried that image stock and it does the
same thing.  it appears to be completely related to the superboot2440.bin
or the NBOOT_A70.bin because Supervivi can still load the same NK.BIN files
and it works (if the USB transfer does not hang)

Hopefully someone is monitoring this thread and will answer soon!

Best regards,


Update on this subject !!! at least a temporary resolution.

We noticed the most recent units are 256MB RAM, whereas all previous units
were 128MB RAM.

When we use superboot to transfer our Platform Builder built WinCE6 NK.BIN
file into the 256MB RAM, the WinCE6 only boots once: we are able to
recalibrate, run the unit's software, however, it's game over for any
subsequent reboots, which all fail and lockup at the point the yellow bar
goes all the way to the right.

We cannot get the supervivi to USB transfer the NK.BIN using DNW 0.60C --
Even though the progress bar in DNW sweeps from left to right, we watch the
serial port output, and it does not display progress.  The unit never
boots, so the transfer has actually failed, even though it appears on DNW
it may have worked.

The only way we have found to get a working unit is to reflash supervivi
into the ROM via JTAG using the H-Flasher software.  We then boot the unit
using that supervivi in ROM, and using the supervivi serial console with
DNW v.0.50A, we restore a previously backed up 128MB image through USB.

Using supervivi NK.BIN transfer and DNW v0.60A fails on USB, while
supervivi restore and DNW USB 0.50A works on USB.  Strange.

Perhaps we need a new BSP for these 256MB units?


Arun Kumar
Hi all, 
       I am new to friendly arm(Mini2440). I am also facing the same
problem. but i tried to load image through PC. when i typed 'w', i got a
message that "clear the free memory" and immediately USB get disconnected,
its shows that USB:x... .thats it.. i struck there... i couldn't move
       if i get immediate solution it will be fine... please help....

       Thanks for your understanding.

Hello, where can I download this new files? Im having the same problem,
with SOME new boards, the boot yellow bar goes up to the right and then
hangs there... thank you all.

trialsrideraz can you post the 128mb supervivi that worked for you. I only
have the old 256mb version and need get my boards working.

thanks in advance.

Hi friends,
           I would like to know about mini2440 p35 wince os installation
procedure, please help me thanks,


Hi Arun,

Do you completed the wince installation in P35.? if yes please share the
information. i am also getting the same error

Hi , Is somebody could share one.more time and

Best regards

I need those files too, does anyone have the working links?
Thank you.

link for 2440