Do S3C2451 GPIOs have different register mapping?.

Hi. I am trying to adopt Mini2451 on my existing Mini2440 based design.

On my current design, I use EINT0(GPF0) to EINT6(GPF6) pins of the
Mini2440. However when I use the existing Mini2440 GPIO driver on the new
Mini2451 board, all pins read as High. My questions are:

1. Is there some mapping changes on the register of S3C2451 that make the
drivers read different registers?.

2. What happened with EINT6 pin?. On Mini2451's pin header, the numeration
jumps from EINT5 to EINT11.

3. What other "surprises" can expect to work with GPIO and ADC on this new

Thanks for reading.

hello ferrite

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I use EINT0 (GPF0) on Mini2451 too, but not work!
(Mini2440 was work)

How can I do?

I can only suggest that you might need to change something in your Matrix
version linux-4.x.y/arch/arm/mach-s3c24xx/mach-mini2451.c and then

The hardware platform is defined in that file.  I had a look for GPIO
related stuff in it but the closest I can find are some definitions
starting at line 416.

Maybe one of the included files deals with the GPIO.

Good luck!

... have a look at mach-mini2440.c in the same directory.  I notice a file
called #include <linux/gpio_keys.h> which isn't in mach-mini2451.c

And #include <plat/gpio-cfg.h>, which isn't in mach-mini2440.c so maybe
that is where to look for the mini2451

I develop software by
and this register I define for MINI2440
but, MINI2451 is not compatible?

What register address for PORT_F?

Some source code.

' Variable of Device
    Private hPort As IntPtr
    ' Constant from GPIO Driver
    Const PORT_A = &H0
    Const PORT_B = &H10
    Const PORT_C = &H20
    Const PORT_D = &H30
    Const PORT_E = &H40
    'Const PORT_F = &H50        ' MINI2440 is work! but Mini2451 is not
    Const PORT_F = &H56000054   ' I try this register (I foud from
S3C2451_UM_REV1.pdf), but not work!
    Const PORT_G = &H60
    Const PORT_H = &H70
    Const PORT_J = &H80
    Const SET_OUTPUT = &H4
    'Const SET_OUTPUT = &H1
    Const SET_INPUT = &H3
    Const GET_PIN = &H2
    Const SET_PIN_ON = &H1
    Const SET_PIN_OFF = &H0

    Const SOUT As UInteger = &HFF   ' set bit use for output