u-boot freeze on interrupts activate

Hello friends,

I try to use interrupts in (modified)u-boot context on AM335x.
But seems interrupts not working at all. I grab some test code from TI.

    138 */
    139 void CPUirqe(void)
    140 {
    141     /* Enable IRQ in CPSR */
    142     asm("    mrs     r0, CPSR\n\t"
    143         "    bic     r0, #0x80\n\t"
    144         "    msr     CPSR, r0");
    145 }

When I activate them using CPUirqe(), the u-boot freeze before showing it's
prompt. Since I don't have a JTAG (yet) it's difficult to debug where
exactly the AM335x is stopped but I'd appreciate very much some hints.

Basically I try to use SPI module to send some initialization data to my
LCD and (naturally) I tried first to use the hardware SPI module within MPU
(instead of nit banging with GPIO).

Thanks very much in advance,

Juergen Beisert
You should ask at TI SoC specific forums. Here we are Samsung SoC specific.

sorry :)