How to update OS image in mini 2451 board


I need to update OS image in mini 2451 boards. With mini 2440 boards i
could update the OS image using dnw tool and putting the flash to NOR mode.
It would show a prompt and using the commands i could update the OS image.
With this new board no prompt is coming when board is put to NOR mode.

Please help.

Hadn't even heard of this variant so went to the anadahammer site to read
about it.

Just reading through the description I see no reference to a NOR switch,
but a Boot Mode switch.  And as Superboot is the new bootloader I suspect
that this device loads images quite differently to the mini2440.

Is there not some sort of quick start user guide to help the new owner?

Maybe search superboot on this site.

Right, it will update the system by SD card auto.
You should burn the superboot to the SD card, then it can update the
windowns or linux system auto. 
Very cool method than the Mini2440 with the DNW update....

For the update method, we will put it on the website these days, you can
find it on the follow website:

We will upload the update method by SD card in 2 hours, later you can surt
the website and update you OS.
And we have put the latest DVD download address, you can download latest

We have update the website, at present, the Mini2451 support update the
system by the follow method:
1. SD card udpate
2. Minitools update 

See more details:

Gareth Conner
Is it possible to create the Boot SD card on the development machine in

The Boot SD card can be created in Windows 7

Dear Armbest,

Thank you very much for your kind support. I understood the process of
wince OS image upgradation process in mini 2451.
I know the process of creating OS image for mini 2440 boards. These images
don't work in mini 2451.
My TFT model is W101. 
Is there any other BSP for mini 2451? If yes, can you please mail me the
same or please tell me the process to create the os image for mini 2451.

My email id is-

Manoj Kumar

Hi Manoj,

Where do you buy the Mini2451 from?
If you buy it from us, send mail to us, and we will provide the New DVD to
you that contain the WinCE soucre code.


we have purchased mini2451 board but we are unable to logon to mini2451
.Could you please share the login details and password .


 login   root
 password   fa

 login   root
 password   (just hit enter)

 login   root
 password   123456789

And try Google:
   andahammer mini2451