Running ucos image on mini2440


I tried to run ucos bin attached to mini2440 and I can't manage with it.

1. I run image using vivi without problem. The image was loaded to
0x30000000 address and run.

2. In the next step I used u-boot. I manually loaded the image to the same
address (0x30000000) and run. Unfortunatelly I can't see nothing.

Do you have idea why running using vivi ends with success and starting
using uboot fails?


Is the UCOS bin a zImage or a uImage?

When I was using uboot and supervivi, a few years ago, somehow I was of the
understanding that Supervivi could only load zImages and u-boot only
uImages.  I has since read that some versions of u-boot can load zImages.

If you are using UCOS from the FriendlyArm DVD then perhaps it can only be
loaded using Supervivi.

Trying Googling <uboot zimage>