Instal WinCE to Superboot v1

Hi every body,

I have a problem about DWN tool.
Superboot V1.0(20130514) for Mini2440 by FriendlyARM

Try to find SD card ..... not found.

Hello USB Loop

And this is big problem for me coz i have to much mini2440:

im download "SJF2440 JTAG tool" but i dont know that the over this.

later i download "H-JTAG v1.0.0" and connect my mini2440 the it. 

Mini2440/Micro2440 Download Manual for Linux, WinCE, Supervivi (BIOS 2.0)
(with DNW / H-JTAG)
( )

i came to step 8 : "8. Press Check to test the target connection."

application give to me same error as like "You Selected Worry flash model"

Sorry for my bad english

And if need to answer same information about board:


we have same problem with new boards. Is there any progress or solution? 

We're only able to install loader (nboot + bootlogo.bmp + nk.bin) from SD
card. But when is board switched back to NAND and repowered hangs on loader
screen and does nothing.

The driver seems not to recognize the board. Is there a new version of

In the other hand, the Superboot menu even does not shown the same options
that with older boards.

I hope that someone have a solutions for this issue.

Mike Poling
Any luck on this? I am having a similar issue. I am using the newest
mini2440 OEM which now requirs the Superboot v1.0 to load image. OS = CE. I
can get the image to load and initially boot, but seems to "disappear"
after reboot of the 2440. Almost as if it loaded to sdram and not flashed.

Also, Are you familiar with the "# user BIN part" image option? I get an
error in term server as follows:

Superboot V1.0(20130514) for Mini2440 by FriendlyARM

Try to find SD card.... Found.
not support Action 'INSTALL'  with OS 'BIN'

I have built a couple hundred of these using the old superVIVI bios method,
now I am scrambling to get some info on the new load. I don't want to JTAG
these if possible.

Thanks in advanced

Iwan Nugraha
Dear All,

i am newbie with mini 2440.  When i connnect using usb and serial port, i
have message
Try to find SD card ..... not found.

Hello USB Loop

can anyone help me..

@Iwan . Your board came loaded with Superboot in nand. It is not suposed
that you connect to it by usb and serial port, but you must use a SD card
in order to install the OS.

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If your mini2440 board's bootloader is Superboot and you want to change it
back to Supevivi. Please follow the steps below:
1. get an SD card, unzip the attached to its root dir and you
will find two files: \images\FriendlyARM.ini   and  
2. insert the SD card to the Mini2440 and boot your board from Nor Flash
and follow the prompted messages to proceed.

Check the downloads page at

There are directions a a link to the files.

Can you please send me instruction about how to prepare SD card to install
nboot + bootlogo.bmp + nk.bin from SD card.
Basically FriendlyARM.ini file instruction. 

Thanks in Advance.

I performed the steps using the SD card as you described and I got the
##### FriendlyARM BIOS 2.0 for 2440 ##### with all the options listed under
Now I want to flash the NK.bin. So I type 'w'. but when I do so, a message
comes: 'Clear the free memory' and USB gets disconnected automatically.
i.e. earlier it used to be USB:OK, and now it changes to USB:x.
The 'clear the free memory' message remains there and nothing progresses
ahead. Please help me out on this.

Carlos Pereira
I'm having the same problem karan. You managed to solve this problem? 

Is there anyone who can help me?

I hope this will help you to install system using superboot and booting
through SD card..

how can slolve the problem , when i press w clear free memory or another
solution how can  change it
back to Superboot bootloader 

thank you urgenntttttttttttttttt

Myself is having the same problem, that is having a mini2440 with superboot
which does not show any many when booted from NOR. This mini2440 is
preloaded with Linux and Qtopia. is it possible to change the superboot to
super vivi? if yes then how? 

Secondly if I wish to keep it as it is (with superboot)then how to download
my programs in mini2440 from my linux/WinXP PC? By...USB?/Serial?/network?/

Pls help

Manoj mishra
Dear all friends,
                 They have change their booting method, now board will boot
with sd card having bootlogo+nk.bin+nboot


Manoj mishra - Do you have a correct NK.bin and nboot.bin to MINI2440 + P35
LCD. Please share it.

Manoj Mishra
Dear Peter,
            Please give me your mail id so that we can mail you your needed


Manoj Mishra,

Here is my email.

I will be grateful for sending me right files


Manoj mishra - Do you have a correct NK.bin and nboot.bin to MINI2440 + P35
LCD. Please share it. email

     I will send you by email .

pl sent me corect NK.bin and nboot.bin to MINI2440 + td35
my email

thanks !