Image Processing In ARM LPC

sadegh karimi
Hello everybody
Could you please  F1 Me??!
I want to process an image in Keil using ARM Cortex M-3 (LPC1768). I want
to move a window(vector) over my image and compute sth using those pixels
in the Window;
The Vector is : [-1 0 1] , Means that minus last and first pixels and put
it in the middle.
The compiler doesn’t allow me to access pixels. Also my image is in vector
form. I need Sth like this :

For (i=0,i<1240,i++){

Before performing such an action also I want to zero pad my image for
But vector Analysis in Keil doesn’t allow me to do such an easy process.
So what( the h… ) should I do ? Please Help me?

Have you solved that problem?