Android Kernel for Mini2440?

M Jones
All the instructionals for installing android on the Mini2440 use a file
called 'android-kernel-20090825.tar.gz'. I believe it used to be in the
download section here but I don't see a link for it anymore. Does anyone
know where this file can be located?   Or perhaps how to re-create it?

Hi M Jones the link for download is here: 


For more information:

M Jones
I will give this a try and see how it goes.

Thanks for the links!

M Jones

Does anyone know of a good link describing the file setup required for
running android from an sd card?

Currently setting up a card using 3 partitions:
  1: Linux swap
  2: ext2
  3: ext3

I currently have uImage on partition 2 and android file system on partition
3. I'm having trouble finding info on exactly what needs to be in each
partition, so if you happen to know or know of a good link, it would be
very helpful.  Thanks.


P.S. I did get android up and running without the SD card, but seems to be
running out of memory when attempting to install anything else, so I'm just
trying to get some more space.

for the SD card, I think it has to contain :

 - uImage, MLO (x-loader), u-boot.img, uEnv.txt (u-boot cmds) on FAT

 - Android FS on ext4 partition ( chmod 775 on that )

I used this config for booting from SDcard using Texas Instrment Dev Board.